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About Me

I am a Director, Choreographer, Movement Director, Teacher, and Movement and Intimacy Practitioner in theatre for the stage. I strive to bring equity to the rehearsal room through empowering the actor to take an embodied, collaborative ownership of both the creative process and the final product. 

Trained: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an MFA in Movement: Directing and Teaching. 

Ongoing Training: Intimacy Courses through TIE

My movement heritage comes from a range of sources. Growing up, I trained in ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, and partnering. Simultaneously I had a love for theatre and musical theatre. I went from the 'dancer who acted' to the 'physical actor who could tell stories with their body' to the choreographer or movement practitioner responsible for shepherding others to tell stories with the instrument of their body. 

My time in London took my backgrounds in theatre, dance, and choreography and began the molding process of transforming those separate skills into one of a movement specialist both for the classroom and rehearsal room. I take a wholistic, embodied approach to working with my students, and teach techniques to the individual body rather than a uniform aesthetic. My role is to adapt to the need of the individual actor or performer to provide a movement language that best connects with the individual.

In 2021 I founded Creative Movement Practices as an avenue to produce my own work as a Director but also to provide a platform for transforming rehearsal rooms into inspiring, transformative and collaborative spaces in which theatre makers practice, hone, and establish their craft.


Full Teaching and Production Resume.

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